Skier Blog

  • Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome
    I ignited tinder and firewood in my wood stove just to take the chill off; it was 39F this morning, and that trend will continue heading towards winter, along with my preparations for the ski season. A few of you will recognize the slogan above, one that has carried many through challenging times. The ski… Read more: Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome
  • Come Ski With Us and Never Ski Alone!
    Each Wednesday and a number of Sundays we try to schedule a day trip to one of the ski areas in the greater Hudson Valley fop the sole purpose of skiing with friends.… manually done, so Read More »
  • Fitness Camp
     Early last winter my grandson decided to enlist in the Navy, with a delayed active duty date being shortly after his high school graduation. At 6’4” he has the speed of a greyhound, but the agility of a puppy! During the period between his signing up and reporting for boot camp, we, the many veterans… Read more: Fitness Camp
  • On The Matter of Ski Boots
    Many of us have a “Love/Hate” relationship with our ski boots… we “love” what they do for us on the slopes, but we may “hate” the fit. Let’s take a moment to look at ski boots, what they do for us, and how they can enhance our on-snow experiences. Some may recall the days of… Read more: On The Matter of Ski Boots
  • A Trendy Performance
    I recently bought a new pickup truck that replaces a similar one that was 7 years old. Actually, the new truck is the same make and model with some performance upgrades – mostly technology advancements providing better fuel efficiency and safety enhancements, and touch-screen tools to make driving more entertaining. Of course, I did the… Read more: A Trendy Performance