Come Ski With Us and Never Ski Alone!


It snowed last night – the ski lifts are running – I wish I could go skiing! We have all probably sat in front of the TV, or stared at our iPhone, craving a quick trip to a ski resort, but reluctant to call someone to see if they might go with us. Our club motto – “Never Ski Alone” – is an invitation to provide that connection to ski/ snowboard with club members and friends.

Each Wednesday we try to schedule a rendezvous at one of the ski resorts in the greater Hudson Valley so you can share the thrill of the slopes, and laughter with friends. It doesn’t make any difference what ability level you are at, only the desire to enjoy companionship and ski your heart out.

We anticipate that some resorts will be operational by mid December, so check our ski club Facebook page for scheduled Wednesdays–on–Snow!

NEW * NEW * NEW • Sundays–On–Snow!

For everyone who has decided to end their career after numerous years of commuting to their job, climbing the ladder of success, attending hours of meetings, drinking coffee or chatting around the water cooler, being able to ski during the week might be considered a reward and time to enjoy the good life. However, our younger members are beginning their careers, or in the midst of working toward their dreams, and only have spare time to ski on the weekends.

Our ski club is committed to providing opportunities that allow them to take advantage of scheduled trips to ski resorts and also enjoy the fellowship of other club members, and maybe even get a discount lift ticket and have a FREE ski lesson. For this reason we are now building on our successful “Wednesdays–on– Snow” by adding “Sundays–on–Snow” so more of our members can enjoy skiing together.

Check our website and Facebook page for up­coming ski club weekend day trips. Guests and friends are always welcome.