Privacy Policy

The Hudson Valley Ski Club (HVSC) is located in the Hudson Valley Region of New York State, United States of America. Virtually all interaction on the World Wide Web is from the United States. Viewers from other regions may on occasion visit and interact with the website.

The HVSC values the privacy of our members and website visitors and protects member and visitor provided information. The Club does not sell, lease, license or share any of your information with other organizations.

Information collected in the normal course of business includes but is not limited to:

  • Membership – we collect name, address, phone numbers and email addresses in order to communicate with members and through its membership directory, share this information with other members.
    • The membership registration process provides the applicant with the ability to opt out of being listed in the directory and/or to keep phone numbers and email addresses private.
    • Communication to members is typically through email notices (E-Blasts) of important happenings or that the latest newsletter has been published. Recipients may unsubscribe from mailings at any time.
  • Event Registration – we collect name, address, phone numbers, email, needed to run the event and interact with event vendors.
    • If air travel is involved, we also collect gender and date of birth information required by the airline and/or TSA.
    • If online payment is made for an event, credit card information is retained by PayPal, not HVSC
  • Blog subscription and comments – we collect name and email address information necessary to communicate. The subscriber or commenters may unsubscribe at any time.
  • Contact form – used by viewers may request information, report website problems, and ask questions. We collect name and email address necessary to communicate back.

The HVSC website does not use Analytic or Advertisement serving functions. All information is provided with user consent as outlined above.

Policy Updated 1/4/2020.

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