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Trip Price $300 per person


For airline transportation TSA requires the name on the airline ticket to exactly match the name on the government issued ID you will use on the trip. Pay careful attention to Middle Name vs Middle Initial. Also required for airline travel are Date of Birth and Gender.

Non-Members must review and accept the Liability Waiver and Code of Conduct provisions. View Here

Understand thay by typing your name(s) and clicking on the "Pay" button you are electronically signing this document.


PayPal Coming to HVSC

Beginning July 15, 2019, you will be able to apply for or renew memberships online and pay dues via PayPal. By August 15, 2019 members will also be able to sign up online for Eastern ski trips and use PayPal for payment.

Membership dues will not change. Ski trips will be priced to recover the servicing fees from PayPal. Trip Flyers will show the full trip price along with a notice of a discount for cash/check if you choose to make payment that way.

Worry less when paying with a PayPal account. You don’t have to share all your financial information every time, and PayPal’s encryption helps keeps your transactions secure.

If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can make payment by credit card as a guest user. As part of the checkout process you will be asked to set up a PayPal account. This is optional.

Upon completion of the payment process you will receive a confirmation that your form and payment have bee successful. A PayPal receipt will follow within a day or so.

2019 Kayak Schedule

Join your Hudson Valley and Tailsweeper friends on the water.

This year we have an ambitious schedule as a result of the input we received at our annual kayak planning meeting. There are a total of 18 planned  trips and some possible moonlight trips.  Yvonne will keep you posted regarding these (moonlight paddles).  Most of the midweek trips start at 2 pm. while the weekend trips usually start at 10 am.  Be sure to check this schedule for each trip as times do vary.  We shove off at the times shown for each trip so plan on being at each event a half hour before the scheduled departure time so you have time to unpack and get ready to rumble!!

     Dates, places, times, and description are noted below.  Trips are usually a go if it is sunny, cloudy, or a little bit of rain.  They are cancelled if weather is not conducive to paddling!  Make sure you have the proper equipment to paddle. Life jacket a must.

DateTimeMeeting PlaceDescription
May 7 Tuesday2:00 PMNorth and South Lake in Haines FallsEasy paddle. Relative short distance
May19 Sunday10:00 AMGreat Swamp on Rt. 22 in Patterson, NYFun paddle in a swamp. Not the Hudson River
May 28 Tuesday2:00 PM. Saugerties Beach by the main bridge in SaugertiesEasy up the creek with a paddle!
Jun. 4 Tuesday2:00 PMSleightsburg launch on the Rondout CreekEasy up the creek with a paddle!
Jun. 8 Saturday10:00 AMFreer Park Port EwenAlmost summer bash picnic at the park.
Jun.16 Sunday10:00 AMBashakill Wildlife Refuge Wurtsboro, NYNew trip. Information forthcoming.
Jun. 25 Tuesday10am (tide dependent)Dutchman’s Landing, Catskill. Easy, meandering paddle in a tiny creek.
Jul. 2 Tuesday2:00 PMKingston Point BeachPaddle on the Hudson;
Jul. 13 Saturday10:00 AMPlum Point launchPaddle across the Hudson River to explore
Jul. 16 Tuesday2:00 PMNorrie Point State Park in Staatsburg, NYNew launch site this year. Paddle on the Hudson
Jul. 27 Saturday10:00 AMTown Dock, CoxsackiePaddle on the Hudson.
Aug. 6 Tuesday2:00 PMRider Park, KingstonHudson River paddle.
Aug. 18 Sunday10:00 AMLock 1 head towards Albany Corning Preserve, TroyGo through Lock 1 and head south. More details Will follow.
Aug. 27 Tuesday2:00 PMKingston Point BeachA paddle and ski club picnic. Bring food to share & a beverage.
Sept. 6 -8 Friday thru Sunday10:00 AMLake George tripInfo to follow from Yvonne—Weekend trip.
Sept. 17 Tueday2:00 PMCheviot Dock launch Cheviot, NYPaddle on Hudson
Sept. 21/22 Saturday/ Sunday10:00 AMThimble Islands--ConnecticutInfo will follow from Yvonne—possible day/weekend trip.
Sept. 29 Sunday11amDutchman’s Landing--CatskillLast trip of the season—picnic to follow.
  • Overnight at Lake George—Launch from mainland at Huletts Landing/ Marina then paddle to state owned island and camp at a NYS campsite. We will need a head count of people seriously interested. Yvonne will have more details as time gets closer. Must bring camping equipment, food, etc. and carry everything in kayak.
  • Thimble Islands trip leaving from Connecticut can be a one-day trip or a weekend trip camping or hoteling depending on your schedule. Yvonne will send out details fro this also.

There are unofficial moonlight paddles on June 17, July 16, and Aug. 15.  Yvonne will send out an e-mail regarding launch points.

For the last trip on Sept. 29, we will have a picnic at Dutchman’s Landing in Catskill—we will provide hamburgers and dogs. Bring drinks, snacks to share, and chair.

 If you have questions, please contact Yvonne at 845-481-2898(home) 845-417-7144(cell) or Kayak John at 518-719-0490.

See you on the water!!!  paddle on!!!



Trip Cancellation Policy & Refunds

  • The minimum cancellation charge is $100 for weeklong trips and $25 for shorter trips.
  • Cancellation requests must be in writing and will take effect on the date they are received by the trip leader.
  • Cancellation charges vary from trip to trip. Anyone who cancels from a trip will be assessed cancellation charges per our contract with the vendors. Whatever the club does not recover, the person who cancels will not recover, plus the minimum cancellation charge, however, the charges will not exceed the total cost of the trip.
  • Your trip leader will publish a schedule of dates and unrecoverable amounts as part of continuing communications.
  • A refund form must be submitted by the trip leader to the Trip Committee for all refunds. This includes refunds from cancellations and overpayments.
  • Refunds will be issued once the club’s recoverable costs are determined less the cancellation charge

Your Membership Saves You Money

In fact, it more than pays for your annual dues. Let’s look at where and how:

Ski Trips – on Western trips you save hundreds over what you would have to pay individually. On Eastern trips, it’s less but still more than your dues. See Ski Trips – 2019

Council Days – Through our membership in the New Jersey Ski and Snowboard Council (The Council) you can purchase deeply discounted lift tickets for different ski area “Council Days” or “Appreciation Days”. See individual ski resort flyers or searchable & sortable list of 199 discount opportunities. See  Council Days.

Ski Area Specials for Club Members – show your membership card for special pricing. See Ski Area Specials.

Hunter Mtn Special Discounts for HVSC Members – See Hunter Mtn Special Discounts for HVSC . Click on Hunter Mountain and enter the user ID and password provided.

Ski Shops – The Pro Ski-n-Ride at Hunter offers a 20% discount on regular priced merchandise (not rentals or services). Buy new skis or boots and you’ll save a bundle. See Ski Shop Discounts.

Advance Purchase Lift Tickets – again through our membership in The Council you can purchase good anytime lift tickets to several New York and New England ski areas. The order form and instructions arehere. You will need your members-only password located on the back of your membership card

Potter Brothers Discount and Flex  Lift Tickets – individual daily discount tickets to New York and New England Ski Areas. Flex Tickets are for specific days at specific Ski Areas to give you the absolute lowest price for that specific day. See Potter Brothers.

Here’s to a great ski season and the savings you earn as a member of the Hudson Valley Ski Club.

Council Days

  • Click on Column Headings to sort contents.
  • Enter text or date in the search box to filter the list
    • "gore" will select all Gore Mtn, items
    • "2019/1" will select all January 2019 items
2018/12/7FriMt Snow$32
2018/12/8SatMt Snow$32
2018/12/8SatWaterville Valley$35
2018/12/9SunGore$422 day $75
2018/12/9SunMt Snow$32
2018/12/9SunWaterville Valley$35
2018/12/14FriJack Frost / Big Boulder`$25
2018/12/15SatJack Frost / Big Boulder`$25
2018/12/16SunJack Frost / Big Boulder`$25
2018/12/20ThuGore$422 day $75
2018/12/21FriGore$422 day $75
2018/12/21FriMt Snow$39
2018/12/21FriJack Frost / Big Boulder`$25
2018/12/22SatGore$422 day $75
2018/12/22SatMt Snow$39
2018/12/22SatJack Frost / Big Boulder`$25
2018/12/23SunGore$422 day $75
2018/12/23SunMt Snow$39
2018/12/23SunJack Frost / Big Boulder`$25
2018/12/24MonGore$422 day $75
2018/12/24MonMt Snow$39
2018/12/25TueMt Snow$39
2019/1/4FriMt Snow$42
2019/1/5SatMt Snow$53
2019/1/5SatJack Frost / Big Boulder`$40
2019/1/5SatWaterville Valley$45
2019/1/6SunMt Snow$53
2019/1/6SunPlattekill1/2 Price
2019/1/6SunJack Frost / Big Boulder`$40
2019/1/6SunWaterville Valley$45
2019/1/11FriJack Frost / Big Boulder`$40
2019/1/12SatBurke Mtn$49
2019/1/12SatJack Frost / Big Boulder`$40
2019/1/13SunBurke Mtn$49
2019/1/13SunJack Frost / Big Boulder`$40
2019/1/13SunJay Peak$55
2019/1/14MonBurke Mtn$39
2019/1/14MonJay Peak$45
2019/1/15TueGore$422 day $75
2019/1/16WedGore$422 day $75
2019/1/17ThuGore$422 day $75
2019/1/25FriMt Snow$42
2019/1/26SatMt Snow$53
2019/1/27SunGreek Peak$5 Off
2019/1/27SunMt Snow$53
2019/2/1FriJack Frost / Big Boulder`$40
2019/2/2SatJack Frost / Big Boulder`$40
2019/2/3SunJack Frost / Big Boulder`$40
2019/2/4MonGore$422 day $75
2019/2/8FriMt Snow$42
2019/2/9SatMt Snow$42
2019/2/9SatWaterville Valley$45
2019/2/10SunBurke Mtn$49
2019/2/10SunMt Snow$42
2019/2/10SunPlattekill1/2 Price
2019/2/10SunWaterville Valley$45
2019/2/10SunJay Peak$55
2019/2/11MonBurke Mtn$39
2019/2/11MonJay Peak$45
2019/2/19TueMt Snow$42
2019/2/20WedMt Snow$42
2019/2/21ThuMt Snow$42
2019/2/22FriMt Snow$42
2019/2/22FriJack Frost / Big Boulder`$40
2019/2/23SatMt Snow$53
2019/2/23SatJack Frost / Big Boulder`$40
2019/2/24SunGore$422 day $75
2019/2/24SunMt Snow$53
2019/2/24SunJack Frost / Big Boulder`$40
2019/2/25MonGore$422 day $75
2019/3/2SatJack Frost / Big Boulder`$40
2019/3/2SatWaterville Valley$45
2019/3/3SunJack Frost / Big Boulder`$40
2019/3/3SunWaterville Valley$45
2019/3/8FriMt Snow$42
2019/3/8FriJack Frost / Big Boulder`$25
2019/3/9SatMt Snow$53
2019/3/9SatJack Frost / Big Boulder`$25
2019/3/10SunBurke Mtn$49
2019/3/10SunMt Snow$53
2019/3/10SunJack Frost / Big Boulder`$25
2019/3/11MonBurke Mtn$39
2019/3/22FriGore$422 day $75
2019/3/22FriMt Snow$32
2019/3/23SatGore$422 day $75
2019/3/23SatMt Snow$39
2019/3/23SatWaterville Valley$35
2019/3/24SunGore$422 day $75
2019/3/24SunMt Snow$39
2019/3/24SunWaterville Valley$35
2019/3/24SunJay Peak$55
2019/3/25MonGore$422 day $75
2019/3/25MonJay Peak$45

Import HVSC Events to Your Calendar

Have you seen an event on the HVSC Website Events page that you would like to add to your personal calendar app on either your computer or smartphone? Here is how:

  • Open the event by clicking on the item in the calendar or in the short list of calendar items in the sidebar on the Home Page.
  • Google Mail and Calendar Users – click on the + GOOGLE CALENDAR button below the event description.
  • Other calendar users – click on the + ICAL EXPORT button below the event description.
    • A file with a .ICS extension will be saved to your downloads folder.
    • Locate the file; it will have a bunch of letters and/or numbers ending with the .ics extension.
    • Double-click on the file to open your default calendar program.
    • Save the event.

If the double click method does not work here are instructions for some popular email applications:


  • Microsoft Outlook - Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016 Desktop programs.
    • Open the Outlook program
    • Click on the File menu and select Open and Export, then Import/Export.
    • Select Import from an iCalendar (,ics) or ...
    • Locate and select the .ics file you previously downloaded and click OK.
    • In the Microsoft Outlook dialog box click on Import.
    • The event should now appear in your calendar.
  • Microsoft (Also Hotmail, Live, MSN)
    • Sign in to
    • At the bottom of the navigation pane, select Calendar.
    • On the toolbar, select Add calendar > From file.
    • Select Browse, choose an .ics file, and select Open.
    • Select the arrow next to Calendar and choose the calendar you'd like the events to be added to.
    • Click Save.
  • Yahoo Mail:
    • In Yahoo Mail, click the Calendar icon Graphic of Calendar icon..
    • If necessary, click My Calendars on the left to show your calendar list.
    • Mouse over the calendar where you want to import the events.
    • Click the More icon Click arrow to hide folders that appears and select Import.
    • Click Browse and select the ICS file on your computer.
    • Select the file and click Open.
  • iPhone, iPad Native Calendar:
    • Press the iPhone’s "Home" button below the device’s multi-touch display.
    • Tap the "Mail" icon on the home screen.
    • Tap the name of an email account to view its messages.
    • Tap the email message that has the attached ICS calendar file.
    • Tap the ICS file name in the email message window. A list of events appears.
    • Tap "Add All", and then tap the calendar to which you want to add the ICS calendar file events, and then tap "Done".
    • Press the "Home" button. Tap the "Calendar" icon on the iPhone’s home screen to access your newly imported ICS calendar events.
  • Android Native Calendar
    • On the Event page, click + ICAL EXPORT
    • The ICS file will be downloaded to your device and you will see a message with a blue Open tag at the right
    • Click on Open and the event will be added to your Android Calendar.

Photo Guidelines

To make your photos available on our “Photos” website page simply do the following:

1.       If you are using a photo service such as Google Photos, Flickr, Imagur, Instagram, Photobucket, SmugMug, or even Facebook:

a.       Create your album using the instructions from the service. Captions and descriptive information are at your discretion.

b.       Set the permissions option to allow others (or those with the link) to view them.

c.       Send the “album” link to who will add your link with attribution to the “Photos” website page.

2.       If you don’t use one of these services, just forward your photo images to Albums@Hud...., and we’ll create the Photo Gallery for you.

a.       Size your images to a maximum of 1024x768 pixels at either 72 or 150 dpi to keep file sizes manageable.

b.       Create a “zip” file to include the image files you will send.

Keep in mind that you will be highlighting both the club activity and your photographic ability. Members appreciate sharp, colorful, and interesting photos, so carefully choose the ones you upload.

Zipped (compressed) files take up less storage space and can be transferred to other computers more quickly than uncompressed files. In Windows, you work with zipped files and folders in the same way that you work with uncompressed files and folders. Combine several files into a single zipped folder to more easily share a group of files.

To Zip (Compress) files:

  1. Locate the file(s) or folder that you want to zip.
  2. Select the file(s) you want to zip.
  3. Press and hold (or right-click) the file or folder, select (or point to) Send to, and then select Compressed (zipped) folder.

    A new zipped folder with the same name is created in the same location. To rename it, press and hold (or right-click) the folder, select Rename, and then type the new name.

If you have questions or need assistance please contact