Proxy Voting for Officers

As noted in the February 2024 Newsletter, the Constitution Committee has proposed amendments to the Bylaws of the Constitution to permit voting via proxy ballot. The proposed changes were discussed at our February 7 meeting and will be voted on at our March 20 meeting, provided a quorum is present. The proposed changes are described in the links below.  

Proposed Deletions & Additions

Bylaws Article VI – Before & After

If the Bylaws changes are approved, HVSC will partner with a third party to offer secure online proxy voting for the election of Officers and Directors for 2024-2025. 

This year’s Annual Meeting for the election of Officers, including Directors, is currently scheduled for April 10, providing a quorum is present. Members who do not plan to vote in-person at the Annual Meeting can request a Proxy Ballot using our online form. On that request form, the member must provide their membership number and an email address to receive the electronic ballot. About 2 weeks prior to the scheduled Annual Meeting, an email will be sent by a third party to Proxy Ballot applicants containing a personalized link to a secure online voting site. Members proxy votes must be completed at least 3 days prior to the Election. The proxy voting totals will be added to the in-person voting counts to elect named Officer roles and Directors.

The 2024 Election Proxy Voting request form can be reached via the link below. The request form can be completed now but will remain in a pending status until the Bylaws of the Constitution are amended.

Assuming the proposed changes are approved, members submitting valid Proxy Ballot requests received by March 22, 2024 will have their emails be submitted to the third-party proxy voting provider. On or about March 25, 2024 the third-party will send emails providing voting instructions and proxy voting will begin. All proxy votes must be submitted by April 6, 2024 so that our proxy voting provider can tabulate votes and provide a summary to us.     

Request for 2024 Proxy Ballot