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For all YouTube videos visit:  Channel HVSCNews
§ Note:  To play a YouTube video in higher quality click on the "High Quality" (or ) link for that video.  The video will open in a new window.  You may also select high quality by clicking the "Watch in high quality" link on the full YouTube window or setting your YouTube Account profile  Video Playback Quality to "Always play higher-quality video when it's available."  You should only select high quality if you have a fast Internet connection.

Photographs taken on HVSC Ski Trips: Photographs taken at HVSC off-snow events:
          = 2014 - 2015 =

        = 2007 - 2008 =

          = 2006 - 2007 =

          = 2005 - 2006 =

          = 2004 - 2005 =

            = 2015=

          = 2008 =

          = 2007 =

          = 2006 =

          = 2005 =

          = 2004 =

          = 2003 =

          = 2002 =

Archived (or any item which shows no active link*)  = Items with no active links are archived.  It is not currently online, but can be requested by members from the gallery editor.  [*An "active link" is indicated by underlining, hover color and/or link icon depending upon how your browser options are set.]


Alternate photo & video sources:  Most photo galleries above are either pages of still images, YouTube videos produced from images or videos submitted by members.  In some cases I am including links to source image and video servers as provided by the submitting member.  For example, Flickr from Yahoo, Flip video from Cisco Systems, Kodak Gallery from Kodak, Picasa by Google, Snapfish by HP,  PhotoBucket, etc.  
Many photo development services also provide these services.  For example wPhoto from Walgreens, York Photo Sharing from York Photo Labs, etc.
And of course all social network sites allow posting of photos, videos, etc.  For example Facebook, MySpace, etc.

Warning:  Be aware some of these servers (e.g., Snapfish) require you "join" or "register" even to see their galleries.  Joining is free, but it does expose you to their Spam & solicitations.  Other servers require joining to upload, but you may view images anonymously.

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Many pages have Thumbnails of the individual photographs -- Click on the Thumbnail to see the full size photo.  Then click on your browser's "Back" button after each picture to return to the thumbnail page.  

Many pages also have a button to view all of the photos, sets of photos or a "sampler" of the photos on that page.  Realize that those pages will take a while to load.

As pages are added the older pages may reduced in size by shrinking the photos or archiving the pages.  Many of the original photos are available to club members by e-mailing the gallery editor or the contributor. For privacy many of the contributors e-mail addresses have been removed. Current HVSC members may find contact information for contributors in the Online Membership Directory.

If you have a picture you would like included in the gallery,  read the Rules below and send the file to the gallery editor.   If you don't have the picture in digital form, 1. film development labs (like Mystic Labs) will put your pictures on a diskette for a small fee  (talk to Pete Gray for details)  or 2. sent pictures to the editor or give it to him at a meeting (photos will be returned after being scanned).

Rules:  To submit pictures to this page:

  1. You must be an Active* member of HVSC.

  2. The picture must  in the opinion of the Board be in good taste.  (The Board of Directors of HVSC reserve the right to remove any picture they deem unacceptable.)

  3. Pictures must be of recent HVSC trips, ski events, or off-snow events.

  4. Descriptive information will be included as sent by the picture submitter.  If you see any picture in error, or if you are included in a picture and wish it withdrawn, please notify the gallery editor.

  5. The gallery editor may reject or limit the number of pictures for space requirements, subject matter or timeliness of  material.

  6. The gallery editor reserves the right to crop, edit, resize, alter file type and otherwise modify pictures for space and conformance to the gallery.

* An Active (dues paying) or Honorary member as defined by the By-Law of Hudson Valley Ski Club.

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