Your Ski Club is Now Blogging

If you’ve been to the HVSC website recently you might have noticed a new item “Skier Blog” on the menu line. That’s right, a Blog.

So, what is a blog you ask?  A blog is a series of articles about one or more subjects. It encourages community engagement. Blogs give the reader the opportunity to voice their opinion about the content that you have produced. It gives your audience a vehicle to ask questions about your services or even give feedback. These two-way conversations act as social proof to others that your experience is valued.

Our Education Committee members, Herb Eschbach and Mark Searle have written some excellent articles on different aspects of skiing which have been published in the club newsletter, the EDGE. By placing this content in a blog, readers will be able to view subjects specific to skiing, comment on the articles, ask questions, or provide reference to other material on the blog post subject.

Go to the blog page, and see what’s there. Subscribe to be notified when new posts are published.  And, most important, participate in the discussions.


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