President’s message – July 2020

Here we are in month six of the pandemic and no closer to being out of it. I hope upon hope that you are all healthy, safe and have been spared any negative effects from COVID. I have been debating the need for a face to face member meeting and, after speaking with the owner of the Poughkeepsie Steakhouse and Board members, have tentatively scheduled a member meeting for Sept. 2 at 7:30. We can meet outside while following all CDC guidelines for distancing and face covering.

Ski Club business is being taken care of as best we can with all this uncertainty. The 2021 Western ski trip to Telluride has been announced, see flyer. The eastern trips planning is still in the works. Board and committee meetings are via video conferencing.

I am sure that you have been getting outside riding, paddling, and hiking whenever you can, without organized events by the club. I know this because that is the type of outdoor people we are and will continue to be.

I have been reminded of late that HVSC is remiss in the reporting on the passing of members. I feel this is an important item that should be addressed, so I am asking you all to let me know of a member’s (past or present) passing. I am a fairly new member and might not recognize a name in the obits, yes I check the local paper every day to make sure I’m not listed, so please I will rely on you to keep me informed. Subject HVSC.

With that said, please note the passing of Elizabeth “Betsy” Vivas.

Until we meet again, stay healthy my friends.

Keith R. Faucher


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