Import HVSC Events to Your Calendar

Have you seen an event on the HVSC Website Events page that you would like to add to your personal calendar app on either your computer or smartphone? Here is how:

  • Open the event by clicking on the item in the calendar or in the short list of calendar items in the sidebar on the Home Page.
  • Google Mail and Calendar Users – click on the + GOOGLE CALENDAR button below the event description.
  • Other calendar users – click on the + ICAL EXPORT button below the event description.
    • A file with a .ICS extension will be saved to your downloads folder.
    • Locate the file; it will have a bunch of letters and/or numbers ending with the .ics extension.
    • Double-click on the file to open your default calendar program.
    • Save the event.

If the double click method does not work here are instructions for some popular email applications:


  • Microsoft Outlook - Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016 Desktop programs.
    • Open the Outlook program
    • Click on the File menu and select Open and Export, then Import/Export.
    • Select Import from an iCalendar (,ics) or ...
    • Locate and select the .ics file you previously downloaded and click OK.
    • In the Microsoft Outlook dialog box click on Import.
    • The event should now appear in your calendar.
  • Microsoft (Also Hotmail, Live, MSN)
    • Sign in to
    • At the bottom of the navigation pane, select Calendar.
    • On the toolbar, select Add calendar > From file.
    • Select Browse, choose an .ics file, and select Open.
    • Select the arrow next to Calendar and choose the calendar you'd like the events to be added to.
    • Click Save.
  • Yahoo Mail:
    • In Yahoo Mail, click the Calendar icon Graphic of Calendar icon..
    • If necessary, click My Calendars on the left to show your calendar list.
    • Mouse over the calendar where you want to import the events.
    • Click the More icon Click arrow to hide folders that appears and select Import.
    • Click Browse and select the ICS file on your computer.
    • Select the file and click Open.
  • iPhone, iPad Native Calendar:
    • Press the iPhone’s "Home" button below the device’s multi-touch display.
    • Tap the "Mail" icon on the home screen.
    • Tap the name of an email account to view its messages.
    • Tap the email message that has the attached ICS calendar file.
    • Tap the ICS file name in the email message window. A list of events appears.
    • Tap "Add All", and then tap the calendar to which you want to add the ICS calendar file events, and then tap "Done".
    • Press the "Home" button. Tap the "Calendar" icon on the iPhone’s home screen to access your newly imported ICS calendar events.
  • Android Native Calendar
    • On the Event page, click + ICAL EXPORT
    • The ICS file will be downloaded to your device and you will see a message with a blue Open tag at the right
    • Click on Open and the event will be added to your Android Calendar.
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