Photo Guidelines

To make your photos available on our “Photos” website page simply do the following:

1.       If you are using a photo service such as Google Photos, Flickr, Imagur, Instagram, Photobucket, SmugMug, or even Facebook:

a.       Create your album using the instructions from the service. Captions and descriptive information are at your discretion.

b.       Set the permissions option to allow others (or those with the link) to view them.

c.       Send the “album” link to who will add your link with attribution to the “Photos” website page.

2.       If you don’t use one of these services, just forward your photo images to Albums@Hud...., and we’ll create the Photo Gallery for you.

a.       Size your images to a maximum of 1024x768 pixels at either 72 or 150 dpi to keep file sizes manageable.

b.       Create a “zip” file to include the image files you will send. See instructions here.

Keep in mind that you will be highlighting both the club activity and your photographic ability. Members appreciate sharp, colorful, and interesting photos, so carefully choose the ones you upload.

If you have questions or need assistance please contact

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